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Writer's Block: Tossing and Turning Feb. 15th, 2012 @ 03:37 am
I'll never be able to look at those blue, liquid ice packs the same way ever again after this dream.  The dream starts out with me waking up and instantly noticing that my face was extremely cold and numb to the touch.  I look down, there's a busted and melting ice pack where my head was.  The next thing I recall is me running into the bathroom and looking in the mirror to see most of my face blue, including the inside of my mouth.  The last thing I remember before waking up was the sensation of my body slowly going blue and numb with one thought: I'm going to die.  OK, I have to admit, not so much a weird dream as oddly terrifying.
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My Kiwi! May. 1st, 2008 @ 02:23 am
Mark, the tastey little Kiwi, has been julienned from Top Chef!!! NOOOOOOO!!! *cries*
My entirety of all reasoning, the necessity per viewership (of the last five minutes) of the pretentious cooking schlep has been gutted from the show!

I will always have this to remember him by:

Crush them shoddy losers Spike! Do it for the Kiwi!

I shall cease and desist this watching of a show I dont actually watch.
Doth watches enough television as it is, but that's a whole (and rather legnthy) other entry to look forward to.
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Ghosties Apr. 29th, 2008 @ 02:23 am
Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one?

Not only is the house I've been living in for the past 22 years haunted, but the land wich surrounds it is a constant source of activity. It's gotten to the point where it no longer phases me. When I was younger a demon was an additional house guest in wich we required the necessary assistance of a priest to erraticate it. Since then, the severity of paranormal happenings went from pissing-your-pants to just a slight nuisance.
The following are a few events that led to my eventual desensitization.

The television turned itself on and up to its maximum capacity (the volume), and to a channel that was techically impossible. It was nothing but static and was on channel one-hundred and something, our television was physically and technically unable to go past channel 99.
Once the covers were pulled off of my bed. At first it was slowly just tugging, thinking it was the cat I looked under my bed, but (of course) nothing was there. Freaked out I straightened out my covers and got back into bed. Again, the covers began to be pulled off, this time I pulled back, and that is when they were violently ripped off the bed and out of my hands all at once.
The sound of very loud, very deep and unearthy horrifying growled breathing comming from just outside my room. With the wide open, I turn my head to see if anything is outside my door, but nothing, and it continued. Paralyzed with fear I could not yell out to my Father and was afraid of what would happen if I did. Plugged my ears, curled in a ball, hid under the covers and prayed to live though the night, seriously.
Listening to my CD player I hear the sound of an airplane engine and it is only getting louder, we live in the path towards the airport so I figured it was just a plane passing overhead, but it kept getting louder...too loud. I take off my headphones to hear nothing. Thinking it just passed I replace the headphones upon my head, but the sound continues and grows louder and louder. As its growing louder and drowing the music completely, within the sound of the engine I begin to hear screaming, horrifying screams. That too grows louder and more terrifying. I ripped them off my head, threw away my headphones and my CD player. I didnt even bother to take out the CD.
A shilloette, as tall and sprawled upon my neighbors house, of a man walking and carrying an ax over his back. I opened the window and stuck my head out to find nobody (I was rather relieved to find nobody there..this neighborhood is haunted, it doesnt need an ax-murder).
Over the noise of the TV was this constant unitelligable mumbling of a woman. Thinking (more like hoping) that it may possibly be from the television, I mute the TV. Not only does it not cease, but that is when I look to my left and down at the couch to see a butt-print. Beginning to grow accustomed to oddities, I knew she was no demon so I just turned up the TV. Doing work on my computer, I catch a shilloette of a man walking behind me, thinking it was my brother trying to sneak up on me I turned around quickly to find nothing. My Uncle had just killed himself so I figure it was just him and I went about my business. I have been woken up by something pouncing about and shaking my back.
I have seen many many many shadows. My bed has been shaken. I have had many unitelligible things yelled into my ear as well as having my name called. I have been grabbed and my hair pulled. Once (and oddly) I had taken a few things out of the fridge, left the room (to use the bathroom) and returned to find them tossed (and I do mean tossed) back into the fridge.
Those are only a very few of the things that have happened to me in the past. I'd be here for days typing if I devulged them all (some I have even blocked and do not wish to bring them back up) I would be here for HOURS...maybe even a day or two.
Now, as of late most of the activity occurs mainly in the garage, attic (wich in itself is a death trap since three people have fallen though it, plus the garage and attic were not dealt with in the house cleansing), the living and family room (wich both are directly parallel to the garage and directly beneath the attic). Plus, I no longer reside in my old bedroom which is a plethora of paranormal what-nots. I wouldnt move back in there if you paied me. An additional factor is the two hundred year old bed I used to sleep on (wich I was on and was present during my earliest and scriest of run-ins with the evilist of entities, but this bed has to do only with the tiniest percentage of occurances). The bed (wich you would have to put a bullet in my head before I got anywhere near it let alone sleep on it) now rests in the garage, a place that had not bed a souce of activity since we placed it there. Lately (as in the last month or two) I have had my arm grabbed and someone has screamed in my ear. With it being locked, the door knob to the garage had been turned, pulled upon and shaken at once as if somebody was trying to get in but could not (and seemed rather pissed that they could not). I heard, and investigated as it was happening (but saw nothing), something trying to breakdown our gate (insanely loud, extremly forceful and enough to bend the gate). Everytime I looked directly at the gate it would stop, the moment I would turn around it would begin again, there was not a critter in sight and I was not even a foot away from it. The now nearly daily occurace of rhythmic footstep from the attic have continued without fail. A few things have been knocked over and lastly, the odds and ends of taps and steps from the family and living room.
If the inside of my house wasnt freaky enough, spend a night outside. A few have tried (I refuse), but the longest anybody has lasted was only a couple hours. I've been touched and grabbed, heard voices in the distance, a scream or two, shadows, something shaking fences (and not being caused by local wildlife), motion dectors being set off without anything to cause and enough person-less footsteps to know staying outside will be anything but plesant.
What you have just read is the truth, not a natural occurance or a fit of imagination. I am willing to submit to a lie detector test and wouldnt mind a visit from Ghost Hunters to prove my case. I wouldnt want rid of these entities (the neighbors probably do), how boring a life I would lead if they were not here to go bump in the night.
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